Frequently asked questions

How to reduce battery consumption?

Run4Gear generate the best as possible measure from the Gear. Therefore, battery consumption is high, and we do our best to reduce it. Built in Tizen3 GPS service, consume the most battery. If you want to run for more than 10 hours you can use the one of your phone instead of the one of your watch. You just need to stop the localization on your watch and to activate the localization on your phone. Run4Gear will Automatically use the phone GPS if the watch GPS is off.

Is it free?

Yes, it is. Run4Gear and Run4gearUnleashed are 100% free. Run4Gear is not a commercial product. However, we may ask for donation to support the rent of our servers in the future.

Strava sync with Google sign in

It is not possible to sync with google account. However, you just have to ask for a strava's password and then it will work fine.
Procedure is explain here :
One can do the same with other thirdparty sites.

Samsung billing problem with non-samsung phone

Thank you Gabriel !
You need to change a setting on your phone. Configure-Permissions-Automatic start and enable Samsung billing start. However, the easiest is to switch to Run4gearUnleashed that doesn't need SamsungInApp.

Run4Gear doesn't work after Gear S3 Tizen 3.0 update

The Gear S3 update (Tizen 3.0) provided by Samsung broke the installation of several softwares. The only way we found to make everything work perfectly is to reset completly your watch and then to re-install your favorite ( Run4Gear :) ) Gear S3 software. After that reset, Run4Gear will work perfectly on your Tizen 3.0-GearS3.

Should I use Run4Gear or Run4GearUnleashed ?

Run4Gear and Run4GearUnleashed are identical. At the beginning, Run4Gear was using SamsungInApp, unfortunaltly, SamsungStore doesn't enable to remove SamsungInApp from an existing application, That is why Run4GearUnleashed exists, to make the app available for IPhone users. Run4gear and Run4GearUnleashed will follow the same release schedule.

Will I lost my workouts if I switch from Run4GearUleashed<->Run4Gear?

Hopefully no! You can switch as you want between the two applications. They are sharing the same files. However, we seriously discourage to use simultaneously the two applications, it may create unpredictable errors. Only your settings will lost when you switch.

Will I lost my workouts if I uninstall reinstall Run4Gear?

No, your data will still in the watch until you remove it manually from the application. Only your settings will be set to default ones.